Welcome to the virtual home of all Ndi Anambra! Whether you are home or abroad, you are most welcome.. Here, we gather to share information, opinions, ideas. From far and wide, we unite and interact, strengthening our powerful and enviable bloodline. Nnoo, Ndi Anambra niine!

Ndi be anyi..

We are attempting to set up a common database for all Ndi Anambra, at home and in diaspora. This will enable us to have an easily accessible information base for statistical and developmental purposes. Please kindly fill out your details in the JOIN form and invite others to do so.

Kwado anyi

You are kindly invited to support the development and sustenance of, and all projects that would be associated with it. It is important to have a platform such as this in order bring together, all our people scattered across the globe, for interactions in business, charity, marriage, language and culture.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.